Pathway to Sage Creek – in 2021, the pathway to Sage Creek was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 13th. This project would not have been possible without a partnership between your ILRG and the
City of Winnipeg engineering design and supervision staff. ILRG was grateful for financial
support from the City of Winnipeg and the Provincial Government. Thanks to Matt Allard and
his Executive Assistant, Ryan Palmquist for their continued support and to Andrew Smith for
his involvement.
Island Shore Park Picnic Shelter – in 2019, our City Councillor, Matt Allard approved $55,000 from the Land Dedication Reserve Grant (LDR) to compliment our parks with another shaded picnic shelter.  We hope to have one in each park one day!
Parks Outdoor Fitness Stations – In 2018, the Board worked hard and were successful in our application for the Healthy Living Grant.  ​We received a provincial grant, equaling 1/3 of the cost! Cost approximately $43,000. Thank you to our MLS, Andrew Smith for assisting in solidifying the grant funds.

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Island Lakes Splash Pad & Picnic Shelter – In 2017, the Board volunteered to become part of the Recycle Everywhere program and is emptied by the Board members. In 2015, your Board worked hard to turn this dream project into a reality! Together with our former MLA – Erin Selby and the City of Winnipeg, we collaborated on the location and design of the spray pad. Through membership fees, we raised enough funds along with the Province of Manitoba Community Places Grant to compliment it with a wonderful shaded picnic shelter. We hope to raise enough to build one in Island Shore Park very soon!
Island Lakes Community School – Opened In September 2001.  Your ILRG spent many years working with the St. Boniface School Division, Dept. of Education, along with our former MLA – Mr. Jack Reimer, City of Winnipeg former councilors – Mr. Dan Vandal and Ms. Evelyn Reese, to secure the school for our community.  We attended the City of Winnipeg Louis Riel Community Committee and requested additional funds to increase the size of the gym and height of the ceiling along with the 1200 sq ft Community Room.  As a result, an additional $400,000 was secured to achieve this!
Development of Waterfront Park – in cooperation with the City of Winnipeg. This includes pathways, lighting, park benches, garbage receptacles, trees, bollard fencing, parking area, play structure and swing set. This was completed at a cost of approximately $100,000. We were able to raise our share of $50,000 through grants and our annual membership drive. The play structure in this park cost approximately $35K in 1993.
Development of Seigneurie Park – also in cooperation with the City of Winnipeg which includes a play structure, trees, walkway, benches, and a toboggan hill. Here again, this was made possible through a grant and also our own funds from our annual membership drive. Newest addition is the Pop-Up Rink!
Island Shore Park – as a result of working with the City of Winnipeg we were able to add the soccer posts, baseball diamond and backstop, along with additional trees.
Lindsey Wilson Park – In 1995, in co-operation with the City of Wpg, Parks and Rec. Dept, we conducted a residents’ survey to obtain community input as to the amenities which were desired.  In view of all three other parks being children focused, the desire was to have a less “child” focused park area. As a result, we are now enjoying enjoying basketball courts, tennis court, walkways with a “back to nature” theme as in wild grasses and many smaller trees throughout the drainage swails, which attract birds and smaller wildlife.
Halloween & Christmas House Decorating and Coloring Contests – Held annually with prizes being awarded for the best displays. Coloring contest prizes are awarded by age category. Prizes are provided by business sponsors in our community.
Annual Spring Cleanup and BBQ – held every year at the end of May since 1991.  The Board hosts the Take Pride Winnipeg clean up in the mornings to beautify our community.  The afternoon consists of a free hot dog lunch, children’s games and a petting zoo.  Along with donations from RBC, Weston Bakeries and business members, this is one of the most cherished annual events.
Berm sodding along CPR Emerson line – Your ILRG was successful in getting reimbursement for sod for each individual homeowner along the berm.
Wayfarers/Camirant/Black Pearl shoreline enhancement – When these shorelines were developed, the City of Winnipeg used fish nets to prevent eroding. Unfortunately it did not work and at the request of members, in 2001 the ILRG lobbied the City to have it repaired, saving each resident approximately $3000-$5000.   It is important to note those rocks are there to protect our shorelines.  The city will not replace them, please do not throw them in the lakes.
Adopt-a-Pot Program – In 2000, the ILRG acquired over 100 concrete planters from the developer Novamet and redistributed them around the community along our major streets.  One board member is assigned to organize residents to “adopt” (plant/maintain) the pots as volunteers.  What a great way to make our community beautiful!  We continue to replace broken pots.  We are the only community in Winnipeg that does this!!
Planting Areas – In 2005, we worked jointly with City of Winnipeg Parks, Forestry, and Naturalists obtaining a $5,000 matching Evergreen Grant from WalMart to establish three tree planting areas along the lake in Lindsey Wilson Park.  Trees were planted with the assistance of Local Scouts, Cubs, and Beavers and members of the board of your ILRG supervised by City of Winnipeg Forestry Dept.  In 2017, the ILRG was successful again in obtaining an additional 60 trees with the City of Winnipeg.  Volunteers from the Board and residents manually dug the holes and planted them along with two staff members from the Forestry Department.