The Island Lakes Residents’ Group Board of Directors consists of many volunteer residents who are nominated and voted in by you!  They each hold a position for each area we focus on and advocate for our members.  Countless hours have been donated to this board over the past 30 years and we can’t thank them enough for making our community as amazing as it is!

If you are interested in volunteering we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at:

Lindsey Wilson, Founder & Chair

Lindsey is a founding member of the ILRG.  He is a dedicated member of our community and the namesake of a beloved Island Lakes community park, Lindsey Wilson Park.

Chantale Thurston, Secretary

Chantale ensures the Island Lakes Residents’ Group runs smoothly and efficiently, keeping our organization up to date.

Lynne Kuzie, Treasurer

Communications Director

Web Developer

Community Update Newsletter Editor

Lynne keeps the records and books of the group up to date and puts our very appreciated membership fees and business memberships as well as donations under tight lock and key.

Lynne handles all of our group’s communications including our new Website, Facebook page and group. Lynne also designed our new Website!

Additionally, Lynne maintains a list of residents wishing to receive the Monthly Newsletter, updates and distributes each publication.

Shari Thom, Special Events Director

Shari is in charge of special community events. This includes securing sponsorship and executing the strategic plan for events such as our annual Family Fun Day and Winter Carnival.

Wayne Lymburner, Infrastructure Director

Wayne manages issues such as lighting, walkways, roads, and other matters pertaining to our infrastructure needs; diligently alerting the city to issues.

Val Zurrin, Fundraising Director

Val makes sure our local business remain involved and engaged in our neighborhood. She is responsible for bringing new and existing businesses on board to support our community. 

Position Vacant, Parks and Recreation Director

The Parks and Recreation Director handles our neighborhood’s park issues such as advocating for better lighting, works with the city for our covered picnic shelters project and increasing our trees. 

Please contact anyone on the board if you are able to help!

Helen Lymburner, Adopt-a-Pot

Membership Coordinator

Helen handles all of the residential new memberships and renewals.  In addition, she coordinates the volunteer-planted flower pots which keep our Island Lakes looking beautiful. Helen can be found out and about on her bike (pot-mobile) checking on the progress of our neighborhood’s flowers.

Helen would greatly appreciate help from anyone who wants to volunteer to help with these roles as she will be resigning after this term!