To maintain the Island Lakes Residents’ Group and all of the important community work done on behalf of all residents, we ask our neighbors to join with us in making our community a better place to live in. Please take the time to join us in this endeavor. Together we can accomplish great things for our neighborhood. Through the generous support of ordinary residents we have made great progress in supporting our community, such as the Spray Pad, Picnic Shelter, and the excellent events we can all attend to as a way to enjoy our community.

Resident Membership

Did you know that we have approximately 2500 households in Island Lakes yet only 300 active memberships?

That means only 12% of our residents are currently contributing to local improvement projects that are not funded through other means. 

So we started asking some of our neighbors why they weren’t joining the Island Lakes Residents’ Group (ILRG) and here’s what they said, “they did not see value in membership since all of the information was free to everyone”, “they don’t understand where the money goes and who decides on the funding priorities”… so that got us thinking!

We need to communicate more and show people WHY they should invest their hard earned dollars in their neighbourhood. 

We need to create membership value so people will WANT to renew their membership every year, and we have to make it easy to do so.

We are continuously working hard to make this happen with Social Media, our Website, flyers and banners around the community!

Business Membership

If you own or operate a business and would like to contribute to local community development, consider signing your business up with an Island Lakes Residents’ Group (ILRG) Business Membership.  Benefits of membership include:

  • Become known as a business that supports our community.
  • Free advertising on ILRG website.
  • Set up a table at special events to promote your business.
  • Get additional exposure by
    1. offering discounts to Resident Members,
    2. donating prizes for membership draws,
    3. donating money for projects, or
    4. sponsoring special events.

NOTE: Your generosity will be recognized on the ILRG website and through the winner notification email (unless you wish to make a private donation).

Contact us to discuss options available to get your business noticed!  Businesses that are physically located in Island Lakes are eligible for the reduced membership fees listed below.  Please contact if you have any questions.


If you would like to donate a prize for the membership draws (e.g. tickets to sporting events or concerts, gift cards or baskets, movie or museum passes, etc.) please email us at and we would be happy to pick it up.  Your generosity will be recognized on the ILRG website and through the winner notification email (unless you wish to make a private donation).

2 Easy Membership Payment Options

​1. Click on the various PAYMENT links below for easy online payment! We will have all the necessary information.

​​2.  Print and fill out the applicable Membership Form and either drop off at the Island Lakes Pharmacy with your Cheque payable to ILRG


Email us at  and we will arrange to have it picked up

*New memberships are valid for a full year from the month it is paid.  For example, a one-year membership paid on June 15, 2022 would expire on June 30, 2023. Three year would expire June 30, 2025.  Check your membership card for the exact date of expiry. 

Resident Membership Fees

Membership (1 Year)


Membership (2 Year)


Membership (3 Year)


Business Membership Fees

Membership (1 Year)


Membership (2 Year)


Membership (3 Year)