We are excited to announce the winners of our two winter contests. During the months of February and March your ILRG Board hosted a Website Scavenger hunt to promote our new website and a Scavenger Hunt Crossword Puzzle for children.

We hope everyone who participated enjoyed themselves or learned something new about Island Lakes.

As well, a BIG thank you to Yami Gardens for donating our big prize, a $50.00 gift certificate.

All the children who entered in our Outside Scavenger Hunt received a Kinderegg.

All entrants to Website Scavenger Hunt received a 50% Discount for a one-year ILRG Residents’ Membership.

Our BIG winners:  

Website Scavenger Hunt:

  • Yami Garden $50.00 – Dayna Hiebert
  • 1 Year Membership – Roberta & Ovie Desrochers

Scavenger Hunt Crossword Puzzle:

$10.00 Gift Cards for Island Lakes Store

     Age 3-5     – Lily M

     Age 3-5     – Grayson M

     Age 6-8     – Nora H

     Age 6-8     – Amelia G

     Age 9-11   – Evan D

     Age 9-11   – Hawraa H

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